The Woman Who Anointed Jesus


Jesus was at Simons house

Eating his dinner

When in came a woman

Known as a sinner.


In her hands she carried

An alabaster box

Full of precious spikenard

An ointment of great cost.


She spoke not a word

And walked straight to the Lord

And offered her gift

To the One she adored.


She humbled herself

When at His feet she cried

Washing them gently

With her hair as she dried.


She poured out her spikenard

She poured out her tears

She poured out her sins

Casting aside her fears.


Her deed was with purpose

As she graciously anointed

The Christ and Messiah

The One God appointed.


Her transgressions were many

Her love for the Savior immense

Her acts showed a heart

That truly repents.


But Simon looked on and said to himself

Im far better than she,

Does He know whos touching Him?

Can this prophet not see?


I dont think its happenstance

That this woman was there

I think that our Lord

Meant us to compare.


For you see, she knew what she was

And she knew where to go

And she knew Christ had the power

To heal her soul.


For Simon was religious, but lost

And blind to the fact

Not knowing it was God

In the house where he sat.


But Jesus chided and told

This Pharisee host

To whom much is forgiven

Will love Him the most.


She gave Him much

As she kissed His feet

He gave her more

Salvation so sweet.


She came in with a burden

Her sins had her bound

But she left with a freedom

Forgiveness was found!

Deborah Knickerbocker