The Sheep and the Goats

"When the Son of man shall come in his glory, and all the holy angels with him, then shall he sit upon the throne of his glory: And before him shall be gathered all nations: and he shall separate them one from another, as a shepherd divideth his sheep from the goats: And he shall set the sheep on his right hand, but the goats on the left. Then shall the King say unto them on his right hand, Come, ye blessed of my Father, inherit the kingdom prepared for you from the foundation of the world: Then shall he say also unto them on the left hand: Depart from me, ye cursed, into everlasting fire, prepared for the devil and his angels" - (Mt.25:31-34,41).


†† One of the first things Emperor Jesus Christ shall do after He conquers Antichrist and His armies at Armageddon at the end of the Great Tribulation, is to separate all the people into two classes that He calls sheep and goats. Christ, the chief Shepherd, will separate His saved sheep from the devilís unsaved goats. All the goats have been marked and branded with the mark of the Beast in their forehead or right hand, and they absolutely cannot enter into God's millennial Kingdom of 1000 years. Are you a sheep or are you a goat? Are you saved?


†† Christ is the great Shepherd who died on the cross as the great sinless Passover Lamb shedding His precious blood as atonement for sin. Everyone who repents of their sins and believes in Christ in their heart by faith will be saved and become a born again new creature in Christ and a member of His flock of sheep, the church. Christ is a Shepherd, not a Goatherd: "I am the good shepherd: the good shepherd giveth his life for the sheep" - (Jn.10:11). Christ the good Shepherd divides 'His' sheep from the goats. The godly saved are like sheep - meek, mild, innocent. The wicked are like goats, a baser kind of animal, unruly.


†† His sheep are the blessed and the goats are the cursed. We are blessed when we are saved by the Blessed One, the Lord Jesus Christ. "Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who hath blessed us with all spiritual blessings in heavenly places in Christ" - (Eph.1:3). Jesus is the Christ - "The Son of the Blessed" - (Mk.14:61). Again - "Blessed are they whose iniquities are forgiven, and whose sins are covered. Blessed is the man to whom the Lord will not impute sin" - (Rom.4:7,8). We are the blessed of the Lord Jesus who have been born again and have the birthright and receive the blessings of our Father. We are the born again sheep like Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, not goats like Ishmael and Esau who do not inherit the blessings. Esau and Jacob give us much insight on the sheep and the goats.


†† It is written of Esau - "Lest there be any fornicator, or profane person, as Esau, who for one morsel of meat sold his birthright" - (Heb.12:16). Esau was a goat who was rejected and didn't inherit the blessing of his father. "Thus Esau despised his birthright" - (Gen.25:34). Esau said - "...and what profit shall this birthright do to me" - (Gen.25:32). Esau, born only of the flesh, was concerned only for the present and the here and now, and not the future. He cared only for his belly and not for his soul. Esau typifies the worldly unbeliever, Jacob the born again believer. God Himself gives us the final answer to Esau and Jacob - "Jacob have I loved, but Esau have I hated" - (Rom.9:13).


Isaac was old and about to die and he told Esau - "Bring me venison, and make me savoury meat, that I may eat, and bless thee before the Lord before my death" - (Gen.27:7). But Rebekah, Isaac's wife, overheard her husband, and told her other son Jacob - "Go now to the flock, and fetch me from thence two good kids of the goats; and I will make them savory meat for thy father, such as he loveth: And thou shalt bring it to thy father, that he may eat, and that he may bless thee before his death. My father peradventure will feel me, and I shall seem to him as a deceiver; and I shall bring a curse upon me, and not a blessing, And his mother said unto him, Upon me be thy curse, my son: only obey my voice, and go fetch me them" - (Gen.27:9,10,12,13). Jacob didn't want to deceive his father into getting his entitled blessing, and receive a curse instead of a blessing. But he obeyed his mother, when she said - "upon me be thy curse, my son." Rebekah then deceived her husband by cooking up two kids of the goats, and Jacob gave it to his father disguised as venison, and he received the blessing.


†† Do you not see the two goats to make Isaac give the blessing to Jacob instead of Esau? The definition of 'kids' is (young goats or a young person, especially a child). And here we see the two kids of the goats determining which of Isaac's and Rebekah's two kids should get the blessing. Kid also means (to deceive as a joke) as "It's the truth, I wouldn't kid you." And so we see Jacob deceiving with a kid, but it was the truth. He didn't kid his father, the birthright was his. Esau had sold his birthright to Jacob, and so despised it, but didn't tell his father, and still wanted it, and so Esau was the true deceiver not Jacob. Jacob became the innocent scapegoat and had to escape and flee for his life as Esau was set to kill him. Jacob fled to Haran to Laban, his motherís brother, and when he arrived he met his future wife Rachel watering the sheep at the well. Jacob spent 20 years in Haran taking care of Laban's sheep and goats before he returned. Yes, Jacob was the sheep and Esau was the true goat. God is the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, not Abraham, Ishmael, and Esau, no matter what the Muslims say. Jesus told the woman at Jacob's well - "...Whosoever drinketh of this water shall thirst again: But whosoever drinketh of the water that I shall give him shall never thirst; but the water that I shall give him shall be in him a well of water springing up into everlasting life" - (Jn.4:13,14). When you're one of God's sheep and are baptized with the water of the Holy Spirit inwardly, then you'll never thirst spiritually again. Christ waters His sheep inward and baptizes them inwardly.


†† Isaac and Rebekah did a very bad thing in showing favoritism with their two kids as Isaac loved Esau and Rebekah loved Jacob. Parents should never show favoritism, and love one child more than the other, because it breeds jealousy and hatred in the family, and much heartache.


†† The blessed Tribulation sheep inherit the Millennial kingdom because they believed the gospel of Christ when it was preached to them, and they got saved. They refused the mark of the Beast, and many suffered persecution and martyrdom, and now the survivors are rewarded. The cursed, unsaved, living goats are thrown into hell as Christ promised to the worshippers of the Beast - (Rev.14:9,10). No unsaved, living goat, wearing the mark of the Beast, at the end of the Tribulation, shall enter into the Millennium glory, but are cast into hell.


†† I've noticed that some fleece-covered goats, like the Angora and the Kashmiri, look very much like sheep, and this is very deceiving. Our churches today are the same way, as they are comprised of both saved sheep and unsaved goats. They are both members of churches and been baptized with water, but only the sheep have been truly saved and born again and baptized inwardly by Christ with His Holy Spirit into the true church not made by hands. Only the true sheep who are mature, have the Holy Spirit discernment to spot the goats in the flock. The sheep are the true believers, and the goats are the fake believers in masquerade, and many fake-believers are ministers. Paul warns us of false ministries and false brethren in (2 Cor.11:13-15,17).


†† Isaac and Rebekah had two kids - one son was born again and got God's birthright and the blessing, the other despised his birthright and got the cursing and not the blessing. God loved Jacob and hated Esau. Jacob went to heaven, Esau went to hell. Jacob was a sheep - Esau was a goat.


†† Have you been born again? Do you have the birthright and the blessing of eternal life in heaven. Jesus said- "ye must be born again". You must make the same decision that Esau and Jacob made - will you despise your birthright for the pottage of this world?


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