The Devil’s Dynamic Duo


The Beast’s resurrection is all an illusion,

When God sends the world strong delusion.


It ‘appears’ the wound is critical to his head.

It ‘appears’ to the wondering masses he’s dead.


Over and over, repeatedly, the video rolls

Like JFK’s of long ago.


The camera never lies – we trust what we see,

In our image –obsessed society.


Digitally altered and computer enhanced,

Did a techie whiz use his skill, per chance?


This high technology appears very slick,

For this slight of hand, smoke and mirrors trick.


Satan always seeks to copy the miracles of our Lord

And so by pretense, heals the wound by the sword.


But Christ holds the keys to life and dying –

Not the Devil or Beast-man, so God-defying.


A second beast, the false prophet, lends credence to the first.

With lying signs and crafty ways - it’s hard to tell who’s worse.


His picture and his likeness is wherever you go

And the priest, like a carnie barker, is selling the show.


They use each other for the power they crave,

In their claim that this leader has cheated the grave.


Crowds line the street for a ticker-tape parade

Oblivious to the political charade.


The people welcome this priest and this king

Knowing not what horror they bring.


The two beasts carefully lay out their lair

As the world is duped by this cunning pair.


In the hands of the Devil – the Beast is his tool.

But his time is counted, as God lets him rule.


Next comes a mandatory number, universally placed –

In your right hand, or the forehead on your face.


A computer chip, perhaps, chosen for his name

The mark of this Beast makes Big Brother look tame.


The world suffers greatly, the pain is intense

Without the Holy Spirit – how can it make sense?


We look to our Savior, Redeemer, and Maker

And not to the Antichrist, Apollyon’s faker.


The saved come with Jesus, who fights for His cause.

And sets up His kingdom of theocratic laws.


Every eye shall see Christ, God’s Word said

The One who truly came back from the dead.


Live and in person, that’s how Christ will appear

There’ll be no video footage to replay here.


Are you ready to meet him? Are you born again?

Are you washed in His blood and made free from your sin?


This most terrible time will usher in the best

As Christ brings peace and a thousand year rest.


God’s Word is a comfort to soothe all our fears,

A Blessed Hope to cling to, as Armageddon nears.


By: Deborah Knickerbocker