Where does God Dwell?


The temple of the Lord

The temple of the Lord

The temple of the Lord                       Jer.7:4

The people cry!


Living stones

Living stones

Living stones                                      I Pet.2:4

Is God’s reply?


Stained-glass cathedrals

And domed showcases.

 Does God dwell there

In these man-made places?


Put up a sign

Fill the pews with people.

Say, “Here is the church

Here is the steeple.”


“Lying words, “The prophet cried,

“Amend your ways – repent!”

God wants a holy heart –                   Jer.7:3,4

Not a temple or a tent.


Where does God dwell?

God fashioned this world

His hands made everything.

“What house can we build Him?”      I Ki.8:27

Once spoke a wise king.


“The most high dwells not,”

The martyr Stephen said.

“In temples made with hands.”          Acts 7:48,58

And they stoned him dead.


Will God dwell with man

On earth, His footstool?                    II Chron.6:18

Yes, God dwells in man                    Acts 7:49,50

His word says it’s true.


The carpenter was nailed

To that cross made of wood              He.9:11

And he built God’s church                He.3

With each drop of blood.


The Temple was destroyed

The veil rent in two!                          He.10:20

When the living way came

The old way was through.


Jesus is the foundation,                     Eph.2:20-22

Our chief cornerstone.                       I Cor.3:11

Of a church built on grace                 I Pe.2:6

By faith in Him alone.                       Zech.4:7


If the sin-cleansing blood                  I Cor.3:9

Of Christ made you free,                  Eph.2:20-22

Then you’re part of God’s building

A living stone you’ll be.


Where does God dwell?


This question is not difficult

It needn’t be a riddle.

The word church is a clue.

‘U-R’ is in the middle!


‘You-are’ the church

Your body a temple.                          I Cor.3:6-19

God dwells in you –

Its that simple!