God’s Compassionate Firemen


“And of some have compassion, making a difference: And others save with fear, pulling them out of the fire; hating even the garment spotted by the flesh” – (Jude 22:23).


   Imagine seeing a group of firefighters polishing their engine outside a burning building with people trapped in it. There is nothing wrong with cleaning a fire engine – but not while people are trapped in a burning building. Instead of ignoring their cries, the firemen should have a great sense of urgency to rescue them. O born again saint of God, we are loaded down with countless church activities, while the most important work of the church, that of winning the lost, is almost entirely neglected. We have polished the engines of church buildings, worship, prayer, singing and fellowship and neglected the sober task given to us by God – being God’s fireman. A fireman who ignores his responsibility and allows people to perish in flames is not a fireman, he’s an imposter. How can we ignore our responsibility and allow the world to walk blindly into the fires of hell? If God’s love dwells in us, if we’re truly born again, we must warn them. The Bible tells us “To have compassion… save with fear, pulling them out of the fire; hating even the garment spotted by the flesh.” If we don’t have the love and compassion of being God’s fireman then we aren’t saved, we are hypocrites. Have compassion – pull them out of the fire.


   Firetrucks and fire extinguishers are both red and have two things in common with Christ – Jesus’ blood is red and they both keep you from burning. The blood of Christ keeps a man, who with a repentant, believing heart calls upon Christ to save him, from burning in hell. Be God’s fireman – preach the gospel of Christ and get people saved from hell. Not from the first death, but the second death in the lake of fire, eternal death. “And death and hell were cast into the lake of fire. This is the second death. And whosoever was not found written in the book of life was cast into the lake of fire” (Rev.20:14,15). O turn from your wicked ways and turn to Christ by faith and be saved from hell – turn or burn. When you’re truly saved you’re hell-fireproof.


   O the devil has his firemen too, who lead people into wickedness and so feed the fire of hell. “Wickedness burneth as the fire” – (Is.9:18). They supply the people fuel for the furnace of hell – the Devil’s stokers.


   Jesus showed us a clear picture of a lost man in hell – “And in hell he lift up his eyes, being in torments… And he cried and said… and cool my tongue; for I am tormented in this flame. Then he said, I pray thee therefore, father, that thou wouldest send him to my father’s house: For I have five brethren; that he may testify unto them lest they also come into this place of torment” – (Lk.16:23,24,27,28). The rich man in hell was stirred with deep concern for his five lost brothers, lest they also go to hell. He wanted a preacher and a witness to preach to them and testify how God saved him and they also could be saved from hell. O, God help us to see the torment that comes to people in hell and let us heed the cries of those in hell and go and preach the gospel of Christ to their loved ones. We need to be God’s firemen. Jesus Christ is God’s burnt offering sacrifice on the wooden tree cross. If you are saved by Him you won’t burn in hell.


   I stand here today as God’s watchman, standing on a fire tower and pointing to the lake of fire and saying – “you don’t have to go there and pay the penalty for your sins. God has given you a fire escape with His beloved Son.” O sinner, Christ is our only fire escape from hell. “How shall we escape, if we neglect so great salvation…” – (Heb.2:3). “See that ye refuse not him that speaketh. For if they escaped not who refused him that spake on earth, much more shall not we escape, if we turn away from him that speaketh from heaven” – (Heb.12:25). O do not spurn the love and mercy and grace of God’s beloved Son on the cross because He is your only fire escape from hell.


   The Lord Jesus is God’s atonement for sin. He is our ‘escape goat.’ When we’re saved, God lays our sins upon His Son and we receive life instead of death – eternal life instead of eternal death in the lake of fire. “All we like sheep have gone astray; we have turned every one to his own way; and the Lord hath laid on him the iniquity of us all” – (Is.53;6). Jesus aid – “Ye serpents ye generation of vipers, how can ye escape the damnation of hell?” (Mt.23:33). Being saved by Christ is your only fire escape from hell. Be saved and become one of God’s firemen preaching the saving gospel of Christ. Bad enough to hear the prophets preach on hell, but this is coming from the Son of God in whose hands are the keys of hell and of death – (Rev.1:18).


   Knowing what happened to Sodom when they committed the abominable sin of sodomy and knowing that Sodom was our example of the fiery wrath of God upon homosexuals, yet we are flaunting this sin openly in the face of a holy, righteous God. “Even as Sodom and Gomorrah, and the cities about them in like manner giving themselves over to fornication, and going after strange flesh, are set forth for an example suffering the vengeance of eternal fire” – (Jude 7 ). Only righteous Lot and his two daughters took God’s fire escape before God’s fiery wrath fell upon Sodom“… Escape for thy life… Lest thou be consumed” – (Gen.19:17). God’s Word is sounding out to Sodom-USA today – escape for your life, your eternal life, for the fiery judgment of God is soon to fall upon U.S.


   Escape for your life. Realize your danger. Don’t trifle with your soul, with hell and heaven, and with God and His beloved Son – “Behold, now is the accepted time, now is the day of salvation.” Now, now, now! Tomorrow’s faith is simply today’s unbelief. Good intentions will bring you to hell. Procrastination doesn’t only steal time, it destroys souls. Run to Christ the fire escape. There is only a step between us and death. Repent and believe in Christ O sinner and you shall be saved from hell. Run for your life, run to Christ O sinner and you shall be saved from hell. Run for your life, run to Christ, run like Lot from the doomed city of Sodom. Run straight to Christ. Don’t run to ceremonies, feelings, ministers, works, religions – but run straight to Christ. Run to God’s fire escape, the only Savior. Don’t look behind you. Run for your life. Be reconciled to God through the Lord Jesus Christ.


   We that are saved need to be compassionate firemen. Picture a person in a house on fire, face in the window, soon to perish in the fire. Picture the compassionate fireman, loving the person so much, he gets to that person and leads him or even carries him to safety out of the fire, even at jeopardy of his own life. Flames licking at him, feeling the heat, even dying to save those about to perish in the fire. We need to be compassionate firemen with a Bible in our hand preaching the gospel of Christ, saving them with fear, pulling them out of the fire of hell. “Let us have grace, whereby we may serve God acceptably with reverence and godly fear: For our God is a consuming fire” – (Heb.12:29). How honorable and heroic are the firemen who save people from fires at the risk of their own lives. And how much more honorable and heroic are God’s compassionate firemen who save people from the fire of hell at the risk of their own lives, with many having been martyred for their preaching, some by being burned to death during their fiery trial of faith.


   The fire escape out of hell is marked with a cross on the door by the blood of God’s Passover Lamb, the Lord Jesus and only a remnant are going through it. I see millions of people in the world in a large auditorium with many difference doors all marked with a different religion. The fire alarm is ringing and people are trying all the doors of their own way and when they get through the door the fire consumes them, they took the wrong way. I hear coming over the loud speaker – “I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me” – (Jn.14:6). When they go through the door and glance back, it says on the door – “be not deceived.”


    I see the smoke and fire, many are praying to their idols and saying rosaries to Mary. Many were crying to Allah, Buddha and Vishna and false gods of all kinds but the fire was consuming them. They were religious but lost. Many more wearing Christian T-shirts were calling out “Lord, Lord carest not that we perish?” They too were burning. I heard from the loudspeaker – “Many will say to me in that day, Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in they name? and in thy name have cast out devils? And in thy name done many wonderful works? And then will I profess unto them, I never knew you: depart from me, ye that work iniquity” – (Mt.7:22,23).


   Many had too much pride to go the right way, for only a few were going through the door marked with the cross and the door was very narrow. They followed the crowd through the wide door and I heard the loud speaker again – “Enter ye in at the straight gate: for wide is the gate, and broad is the way that leadeth to destruction, and many there be which go in thereat: because straight is the gate, and narrow is the way, which leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it” – (Mt.7:14,15). I saw others waving papers in the air. On them was written all their good works done in their lives, they too perished. I heard the preacher over the loudspeaker – “For by grace are ye saved through faith; and that not of yourselves: it is the gift of God; Not of works, lest any man should boast” – (Eph.2:8,9).


   Then I saw the preacher kneel down with a man and opened his Bible and I saw the man’s face light up and he looked like a new creature, crying out “Abba, Father.” And he ran through the true fire escape marked with the cross and the flame never touched him – born again was written on his back.


   I noticed most of the people turning away from the preacher with angry looks. I heard him preaching and pointing at the fire escape with the cross – “All have sinned”“And the blood of Jesus Christ his Son cleanseth us from all sin.” But they also were consumed. The preacher kept preaching and pointing to the true fire escape with the cross and the scripture written in blood – “How shall we escape, if we neglect so great salvation.” The preacher could see them going the wrong way and he cried out – “This is the way. There is a way that seemeth right unto a man, but the end thereof are the ways of death” – (Prov.16:25). They too were consumed in the holocaust.


   I also noticed some who kneeled down with the preacher, got up, and still went through the wrong door. I heard them screaming ‘but I got saved.’ I just said the words. I got baptized – I joined the church.’ I couldn’t understand it at first, but I looked back at the true fire escape and I saw another scripture – “Except ye repent, ye shall all likewise perish” – (Lk.13:3). I glanced back at these people and on their backs was written – too proud to repent.’ Then I realized that repentance and faith in Christ was the requirement to get through God’s fire escape.


   Then I saw angels preaching now over the same loud speaker and pointing to the same door as the preacher. I noticed some very effeminate-looking men and masculine looking women all dressed in lavender, laughing and mocking them as the angels cried out as they did in Sodom – “Escape for thy life: look not behind thee.. lest thou be consumed” – (Gen.19:17). But they paid no heed and the fire and brimstone consumed them.


O friend - do you have the Father’s fire escape?

Repent of your sins and call upon the Lord Jesus to save you.

“Ye must be born again

Take heed to God’s compassionate firemen.