Euthanasia: Doctors Playing God


“The Lord killeth, and maketh alive: he bringeth down to the grave, and bringeth up” - (ISam.2:16).


  Will your physician kill you someday? Under President Obama’s new health care plan, the door will be opened to do just that. Two Republican House leaders, John Buehner and Thaddeus McCotter, confirm that Obama’s plan will promote euthanasia. They said “The plan calls for ‘end of life’ counseling for seniors, and places seniors in situations where they feel pressured to sign end of life treatments. This provision may start us down a treacherous path toward government-encouraged euthanasia.” Oregon (1998) Washington, and Montana (2008) have also legalized euthanasia. Doctors are playing God.


   If current trends continue in medical ethics, doctors will be authorized by the government to perform ‘medicide’ upon you- planned death- either at your request or against your will, if the doctor deems such treatment to be needed. In the last 30 years a death ethic has evolved in American medicine that has ominous parallels to Nazi doctors under Hitler’s regime. This new ethic puts relative value on life, the quality of life, rather than on the absolute value of life. It advocates compassionate killing as a way of solving personal, social, economic, and medical problems.


   Assisted dying is couched in the most compassionate terms, but the result is always a dead person. Those who advocate aid-in-dying use such terms as death with dignity, the right to die, choice in dying, duty to die, termination of pregnancy, or mercy killing. But the helpless person who is the target of this ‘compassion’ ends up dead. Doctors have been slowly, but surely, accepting the idea that physician assistance in dying - killing the patient - is a legitimate medical procedure. In 1973, murdering babies by abortion in the U.S. became legal, and so 50 million babies have been killed since. It started with the most helpless of humans, and now it’s starting with the murdering of the handicapped and the elderly etc. Our nation has fallen so far from our godly Christian foundation and the Word of God, that now we’re about to commit these heinous sins. With abortion, infanticide, and euthanasia; the doctor ceases to be a healer and becomes a murderer, even if the Supreme Court says it’s legal. A radical change has taken place in medicine. Instead of regarding life as sacrosanct- as wholly governed by God and beyond the doctor’s province to destroy - doctors have begun to play God. We have degenerated to the place that we believe evil Hitler was right, and that’s because we have become just as evil. We have Germany as our example, but Germany had no example.


   Long before Hitler came to power, German doctors were the leaders of the killing movement. When Hitler came to power, German doctors realized they had an almost unlimited supply of human guinea pigs to use for various scientific experiments. As the killing went on in Germany, the church was mostly silent, because most were unsaved and their hearts and minds were darkened to God’s truth, and that’s where the U.S. church is at today. It will be much worse now because of the harvesting of human bodies for transplants which makes euthanasia very lucrative. The change in the way human life was valued set the stage for beastly Hitler’s holocaust.


   During the Nazi occupation of The Netherlands, the Dutch physicians successfully resisted adopting the Nazi philosophy of compassionate killing. Not one single euthanasia case was performed by Dutch physicians. But today they have eagerly accepted it - even forced euthanasia. In fact, the Dutch physicians are leaders in allowing doctors to kill their patients, and now the U.S. is going the same evil way. Those most at risk are the mentally retarded, the demented, the physically handicapped, the elderly, and other so-called non-productive citizens regarded as ‘useless eaters’.


   Only the Lord has the love, compassion and omniscience to kill and make alive, to bring down to the grave, and resurrect from the grave. God alone should preside in death and life. As Job said  - “… the Lord gave, and the Lord hath taken away: blessed be the name of the Lord” - (Job1:21). Only God has the power to give life, and only He has the right to take it away, because He can give it life again from the grave. This is God’s universe. He created it; we are His creatures. He alone is to have the power of death and life. There is nothing more precious than life, and no man should have the power to kill. And to have several thousand Dr. Mengeles loosed in the U.S. under a dictator, brings chills to my spine. Doctors are playing God today and our government is legalizing ‘prescription death’. Good has become evil and evil good.


   I believe the Antichrist- President of the U.S. is soon to be revealed. He is called the Beast because of his wicked bloodthirsty nature. Those most at risk for his euthanasia will be God’s Tribulation saints who refuse to receive his mark - 666 or worship him. He will be the greatest mass murderer in history and it will be legal. “…and cause that as many as would not worship the image of the beast should be killed” - (Rev.13:15). Most will be euthanized by beheading so as to preserve body parts worth millions - (Rev.20:4). But the Lord Jesus will raise them from the dead. Because we are living so wicked, God will give U.S. a wicked ruler like Hitler to rule over U.S. - (Dan.4:17). Hitler’s euthanasia of 6 million Jews and many others is the worst evil of his reign. Hitler was a modern day type of Antichrist who ruled for exactly 12 years and 3 months - from Jan. 30, 1933 to Apr. 30, 1945. And this could very well be the length of Antichrist’s reign as well, which is a time, times and half of time. The time is given in (Rev.13:5) as 42 months. A very simple algebra equation shows us this:


x=42 months- time

2x=84 months- times

½x=21 months- ½ time

Total- 147 months or 12 years and 3 months


Hitler spent the first 5 years building up his military and consolidation power and the last 7 years he brought great tribulation upon the world. So we must watch Obama’s health care plan concerning possible euthanasia very closely.


   The Hemlock Society, Jack Kevorkian (another Dr. Death) and others, push their pro-death agenda in the media, the legislature and the courts. And the way has been prepared by abortion. More and more doctors have abandoned traditional medicine and are now practicing veterinarian medicine. Without a belief in the sacredness of life created by God, these doctors view the patient as an animal without a soul, spirit or eternal destiny. All the signposts are up. Human life has lost its value. Legal execution is becoming the next big step - the American final solution - doctors licensed to kill. Euthanasia is the proud doctor way of usurping the authority of God.


   Dr. Kevorkian is an ex-pathologist who has a long and morbid interest in death and in the harvesting of body organs. He decided that it would be a waste of organs to simply execute prisoners and bury them. He suggests that they be subjected to experimental drugs and controversial surgical procedures to help others. He feels it would be wasteful not to use every body part to help others. He proposed an auction market where rich people would bid for these organs. Dr. Kevorkian’s mission in life is to practice medicide (the killing of patients) instead of healing patients. He is more like a serial killer than a physician, as abortion doctors are. The parallel between the Nazi doctors and what Kevorkian recommends is unmistakable. He served 8 years in prison for second degree murder and was released in 2007 and is now speaking to crowds of 5000. It has taken the devil 70 years after Hitler to get U.S. just as wicked as the Germans. And now our Antichrist beast is soon to come.


   And not only The Netherlands, but Belgium and Switzerland have legal euthanasia. And Dr. Hazel Biggs, Director of medical law in England has produced a shocking report claiming that 25 thousand people a year in England are being euthanized by their own physicians, both voluntarily and involuntarily. A man named Hendin wrote a book about euthanasia in The Netherlands entitled “Seduced by Death.” In it he said that Dutch doctors aggressively market euthanasia and that ‘mercy killing’ has become almost a routine way of dealing with serious illness, and ends with grief. That many wrongful deaths occur as doctors exercise control over patients, with more than 1000 cases a year of doctors actively causing or hastening death at their discretion, without the patient’s request. In the U.S., Hendin believes, legalizing assisted suicide and euthanasia would make large numbers of the poor, minority groups, and the elderly, especially vulnerable to pressure by family, physicians, hospitals, and nursing homes. It’s best today, especially for Christians, to die at home.


   Only the Lord has the love and omniscience to kill and make alive  - “… I kill, and I make alive; I wound and I heal: neither is there any that can deliver out of my hand” - (Du.32:39). But proud, wicked doctors are playing God and deciding who should die. Our good doctors are becoming evil doctors. “Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil…” - (Is.5:20). The U.S. has already started the slide into hell just like Nazi Germany did - woe unto U.S.


  Are you saved and born again and ready to be raptured up before the Great Tribulation comes? If not, repent of your sins and believe in Christ in your heart by faith and receive forgiveness of sins and become a new born again creature in Christ having eternal life - (2Cor.5:17). O do not spurn the grace and mercy of God in His beloved Son on the cross or the wrath of God abides upon you. You can conquer eternal death in the lake of fire - (Rev.20:14,15) and have eternal life. “For the wages of sin is death; but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord” - (Rom.6:23). If you don’t get saved, God has another kind of hellth care for you.




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