The Bible Codes



God has called me as a watchman to lift up my voice like a trumpet and warn the people, and in this paper I’m warning about the new heresy of hidden prophecies supposedly ‘encoded’ in the Hebrew and Greek of the Bible.


   There is a spate of new books coming out about hidden codes in the Bible which titillate people with prophecies which are claimed to have been encoded and concealed by God in the ‘original’ Bible text.


   The authors, both Christian and secular, claim that by analyzing biblical passages in the Hebrew and Greek, using computer methodology and acrostics (letter-searching in sequences), they are able to find stunning prophecies.


   The one who ignited this spate of new books on hidden Bible codes is J.R. Church and his ministry is called ‘Prophecy in the News’ out of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. In 1993, Rev. Church published a book entitled ‘The Mystery of the Menorah and the Hebrew Alphabet.’


   In this book he revealed about having learned about the strange encoding of the word ‘torah’ found in Genesis through Deuteronomy. (pgs. 35-37)


   Since then he has published two more books by Yacov Rambsel, a Hebrew-Christian who wrote about his fascinating discovery that God had encoded the Hebrew name of Jesus (Yeshua) throughout the Hebrew Old Testament.


   Not only Jesus, but all of Christ’s disciples and ‘Pilate’ and ‘Herod’ and ‘Mary’ are encoded also. Rev. Church is also selling Hal Lindsey’s latest book on Bible codes entitled ‘Apocalypse Code’ and tells how Hal Lindsey cracks the ‘Apocalypse Code’ and deciphers long-hidden messages about man’s future and the fate of the earth.


   We can expect to see a flood of these bible code books coming out as they err from the faith and chase after money- the root of all evil.


   This year, secular author and Jew, Michael Drosnin authored a best-selling book entitled ‘The Bible Code.’ In it he asks these questions:


   “Could the Bible Code be the sealed book mentioned in Daniel 12:4 and Revelation 5:9? Was it sealed with a kind of time-lock that could not be opened until the computer was invented? The Bible is not only a book, it’s a computer program. It was chiseled in stone and handwritten on scrolls, and finally printed in a book, waiting for us to catch up with it by inventing a computer. Now it can be read as it was always intended to be read. The Bible is a timed series of revelation, each designed for the technology of it’s age. There is a bible beneath the Bible.”


   Well, God warns us at the end of the Bible (Revelation 22) not to add to or to take away from God’s word. There is no new revelation buried beneath the Bible or anywhere else. We are warned by Jesus in Matthew 24 that even the elect are in danger of being deceived in these end days.


   All this hidden secret Bible code business is a great deceiving by Satan designed to mislead and divert people from the truth. It will cause all sort of misuse and trashing of God’s Word, which is the King James Version of the Bible, preserved inerrant and infallible in the English language.


   The first error that Satan propagated is that the inspired, infallible, inerrant Word of God is found only in the Hebrew and Greek texts. That the God who created the heavens and the earth could not preserve His Word free form error in the English Language.


   This was the first bible beneath the Bible. Correcting our King James Bible with the ancient bible  manuscripts called ‘codex’ – especially ‘Codex’ Sinaiticus and ‘Codex’ Vaticanus. (The word code came from the Latin - Codex) This was the fist hidden code – the Codex.


   This error opened up the door for the second error of secret hidden codes in the Codex, the second bible beneath the Bible which we are now seeing in this spate of new money-making books.


   And because they have no faith in a English speaking bible, they miss the true bible codes right in front of their noses in plain King James English – the word ‘Sheshach’ found in (Jeremiah 25:26 and 51:41) is the code word for the fall of Babylon.


   And when Babylon did fall in Daniel 5, God wrote with His own hand the most famous cipher/code of all – the handwriting on the wall. Only God’s prophet could decipher God’s code about the fall of Babylon.


   Babylon will fall again in Revelation 18 and be utterly burned with fire in one hour. Babylon is fallen, is fallen- she falls twice and Jeremiah 50 & 51 has verses that do not apply to ancient Babylon or even to a possibly restored Babylon in Iraq.


   Revelation 18 more closely describes Babylon, U.S.A. than any other nation on earth.


   The only present-day Babylon on the world map is Babylon, N.Y. – U.S.A. Could God be showing us that Babylon, U.S.A. shall fall by nuclear holocaust in one hour because Russia breaks our top secret war ‘codes’ and hits us when we are most vulnerable? Certainly the influx of new books on hidden codes in the Bible point unwittingly in that direction.


   In conclusion, let’s review my warning of these bible codes:


   First: No computer can unlock the seals on God’s Bible. The Holy Spirit unlocks the seals in these end days on prophesy by giving us understanding that this generation can plainly see happening – and it’s in English.


   Second: You don’t need to be a Hebrew and Greek scholar and a computer whiz and a cryptologist to get the truth – it’s in plain King James English.


   Third: God has a code word in English which is ‘Sheshach’ for Babylon. The handwriting is on the wall for Babylon, U.S.A.


   Fourth: It doesn’t make any difference if you’re saved or not as far as deciphering these so-called bible codes in Hebrew and Greek.


   Fifth: This bible code stuff will cause great harm and confusion and trash God’s Word even further. It’s deceiving and its heresy.


   Sixth: There is no bible beneath the Bible. We need no Hebrew and Greek original Codex bible beneath our King James Bible. And there is no second bible beneath our bible for secret coded prophecies kept secret from believers for 2000 years.


   Seventh: These new bible codes are going after the money – millions of dollars. The same way and for the same reason that Bible translators and Bible publishers put out these over 200 bible perversions. The first error propagated the second error.

   Eighth: Let’s preach on negative bible codes, like dress codes and moral codes of conduct that these smooth preachers refuse to preach about.


“He that hath an ear, let him hear what the Spirit saith unto the churches.” (Revelation 3:22)


Pastor Mike Storti

5000 N. LaCholla- Lot 76

Tucson, AZ  85705